Disa d.o.o. Distributer od povjerenja

Distributor you can trust

Logistic services


ambient storage of goods in the rack warehouse

warehousing and storage in the cooling temperature regime

commissioning of goods

creating complete documentation

transshipment of goods without storage


delivery of goods within the whole of Dalmatia (from Novalja on the island to Dubrovnik, including central islands and the Dalmatian hinterland)

shipping to all central Dalmatian islands throughout the year

delivery fleet adapted to the needs of the recipient of the goods

shipping goods in cooling temperature regime

Commercial activities

taking orders through field sales

holographic continuous tour, control and positioning of goods on the shelf

control representation of all contracted products

information on thousands of sites about promotions

other agreed activities necessary for higher sales

Good service is the one that achieves personal contact

Personal contact sales managers in the field is one of the most dynamic and best ways prodaje.Dosljedna quality services, frequent visits to outlets and the simultaneous presence of sales in the whole area (especially during the tourist season and the seasonal months) secret sales growth.

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